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‘We will all go together when we go’

Tom Lehrer knew a guy called Henry, who spelled his name H-E-N-3-R-Y. The 3 was silent.

Like the main character of my novel, Weird Metropolitan (to be published soon, keep checking this space for details), he was financially independent, having inherited his father’s tar-and-feather business, and so was able to devote his time to writing and philosophising and giving ‘helpful’ advice to people who were happier than himself.

In otherwords he was a kibitzer.

Anyway, inspired by Hen3ry, Tom wrote this song, in the tradition of the great old revival hymns. It might more accurately be described, he said, as ‘a survival hymn’.

Sugar-coated hegemony

So, what’s the difference between Big Tobacco and Big Government?

In a cynical attempt to lure young smokers and turn them into addicts (thereby enabling them to fulfil their economic roles in the Land of The Free and her dominions) nicotine barons add sugar and sweetners, plum juice, maple syrup and honey to their product. In so doing the smokers’ risk of cancer is increased.

Similarly, imperialist governments feed us with fear, paranoia, bomb-toting bogey-men, religion, etc, so we buy the restrictions of freedom involved in ‘protecting’ us from the ‘enemy’. As a result of their (our) foreign policy, terrorism increases and we move further towards WW3 and ultimate destruction.

I stumbled upon these words of wisdom from the fingertips of my good friend Mike E over at the Open Container Speedway:

‘If you want to understand why the end of the world is about to happen you really must watch Fox News. Make note of who advertises. Never buy their product again. And remember: For roughly 25% to a third of Americans what you see there is Truth. A mere market share. By no means a majority. But a brutally sizable & well-connected ignoramus mob.’

Read the full thing here.

For news you won’t find on Fox and CNN click here.

America’s Lost Highway













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Voting against Global War On Humanity

The nine documents below point to an extremely high probability that the Bush administration will use tactical nuclear weapons in its planned offensive against Iran.

The outcome of the November election will be the deciding factor in whether Bush goes to war before he leaves office.

Nuclear Posture Review 2001,(exerpts): “Nuclear weapons… provide credible military options to deter a wide range of threats, including WMD and large-scale conventional military force …U.S. military forces themselves, including nuclear forces will now be used to dissuade adversaries from undertaking military programs or operations that could threaten U.S. interests or those of allies and friends… Composed of both non-nuclear systems and nuclear weapons, the strike element of the New Triad can provide greater flexibility in the design and conduct of miltary campaigns to defeat opponents decisively… Nuclear weapons could be employed against targets able to withstand non-nuclear attack, (for example, deep underground bunkers or bio-weapon facilities)… North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Libya are among the countries that could be involved in immediate, potential, or unexpected contingencies.”

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations, 2005: “Geographic combatant commanders may request Presidential approval for use of nuclear weapons… To demonstrate US intent and capability to use nuclear weapons to deter adversary use of WMD”

Conditions under which nuclear weapons may be used: “For rapid and favorable war termination on US terms.”

National Security Strategy, 2006: “…the United States will, if necessary, act preemptively… using all elements of national power…Safe, credible and reliable nuclear forces continue to play a critical role…”

National Military Strategy to Combat WMD, 2006: “Offensive operations may include kinetic (both conventional and nuclear)… to deter or defeat a WMD threat…”

Linton Brooks, NNSA Director, to Congress, 2004: “The Nuclear Posture Review represented a radical departure from the past and the most fundamental rethinking of the roles and purposes of nuclear weapons in almost a quarter-century… Instead of treating nuclear weapons in isolation, it considered them as an integrated component of American military power…To provide a practical means to implement this new, integrated aproach, the President established a new Strategic Command, with responsibility for global strike – both nuclear and non-nuclear …”

Gen. Cartwright, StratCom head, to Congress, 2005: “…We are active participants in all three legs of The New Triad: offensive nuclear and non-nuclear strike, … The New Triad concept will enable more precisely tailored global strike operations. With a full spectrum of nuclear, conventional and non-kinetic options available, regional combatant commanders will be enabled to achieve specific local effects against high value targets in the context of the strategic objective…”

Earth-penetrating nuclear weapons, FAS report: “The United States has one type of nuclear earth penetrator, the B61-11 bomb, which was accepted into the stockpile in September 2001” (Congressional Research Service)

National Research Council report: “in remote, lightly populated areas, casualties can range from as few as hundreds at low weapon yields to hundreds of thousands at high yields and with unfavorable winds”

“The Bush administration has radically redefined America’s nuclear use policy: US nuclear weapons are no longer regarded as qualitatively different from conventional weapons. Many actions of the administration in recent years strongly suggest that an imminent US nuclear use is being planned for, and this was confirmed by Bush’s explicit refusal to rule out a US nuclear strike against Iran. We have all been put on notice. The fact that North Korea is now a nuclear country does not change the agenda – quite the contrary.”

Click here to read Voting against nuclear war with Iran, by Jorge Hirsch

“Don’t Go” by Wulf Zendik

Ho Chang rests his rifle across a branch and focuses its sights on the American infantryman. Ho Chang is fourteen years old. He is a guerrilla fighter, a skilled assassin, a sniper. Concealed high in a tree — a tree that a short time ago he climbed in play — he reaches and methodically plucks a leaf from his line of fire. Killing is his single remaining pleasure.…

Don’t Go

Ho Chang is a fanatic. He became a fanatic six months earlier while watching his mother, father, and beloved sister run screaming from the pyre of curling flame and smoke that had been their home. He watched his loved ones, each a wild torch, stumbling crazily through the village and finally sprawling laying in the dust, eyeless hairless black smoking hulks that twitched and emitted sounds not human. In the terrible racking sobbing agony of his grief the boy knelt beside the charred remains of his family and pleaded that he too might die… Their hut had been struck by an American bomb….

Don’t Go

The American infantryman, Private Eugene Roberts, is in his first day of combat. Always a peaceful boy and raised in the quiet suburbs of Los Angeles, Private Roberts had never been involved in physical conflict until today. Today he has killed three people. A few hours earlier his squad was fired on from a dense thicket by a number of the enemy. The boy beside him suddenly stopped and turned, a puzzled expression on his face and a small red oozing hole in his forehead….

Don’t Go

Private Roberts, in a blurred rage of revenge, followed his combat training. Running, zigzagging, firing from the hip, he charged the thicket with his squad. A flurry of shouts, of confusion and violent hand-to-hand combat resulted in Private Roberts shooting two uniformed boys and pulling his bayonet from deep in the breast of a third, a slim uniformed enemy — a girl enemy, a girl younger than he. Their eyes had locked… His in young blue-irised horror… hers in brown graceful long-lashed acceptance that glazed to death while he watched and whimpered…..

Don’t Go

Alone now, lost from his squad, wandering aimlessly, he slogs through the lonely landscape. Dazed, oblivious, mumbling to himself, his mind has returned home… To Los Angeles, to the suburban high school he last year graduated from, to sixteen-year-old Donna who still attends the school — Donna who promised to wait, who writes long chatty lonesome letters on wide-ruled notebook paper. School days together, surfing together, high together, their clear eyes close staring inquisitive innocent learning one another, touching one another, loving one another in gentle tentative passion…..

Don’t Go

There’s others who wait: his younger brother who brags of a big brother hero in uniform. His father, veteran of an earlier war, proud of his fighting son. His mother, who successfully impersonalizes the war news and insures Eugene’s safety by prayer… perhaps a medal, perhaps a purple heart, a slight, romantic wound. His car waits parked in their suburban yard, and his surfboard — the board he decorated and glassed himself––waits stored in the garage rafters. Sometimes Mrs. Roberts goes to the garage and stands a moment looking up at the board…..

Don’t Go

Private Roberts’ head looms large, circle-framed in Ho Chang’s telescopic sights. The boy feels grim satisfaction at the imminent destruction of another American. He pauses… Deciding against a quick death, he lowers his sights on the enemy figure and slowly, skillfully squeezes the trigger… The rifle jumps, kicks solidly against his shoulder and a single violent crack of sound shatters the insect-buzzing bird-calling tropical day… The immediate absolute silence that follows hangs still and ominous on the warm heavy air….

Don’t Go

The hate-altered hollownose bullet makes a small smoldering hole in Private Roberts’ tunic, enters his side below the ribs and above the hip bone. Expanding rapidly it plows a deep hole through the abdomen. Private Roberts throws up his hands, and as a wind-up toy soldier whose spring has burst, staggers crazily wildly awkwardly. He does not fall. Stunned by the bullet’s slamming impact he fails to understand what has happened… But immediately the numbness begins to change to pain, a trail of dull pain across his belly. He looks down and in confused stupor unbelts his tunic….

Don’t Go

He stands there swaying in shock and bewildered comprehension while with fear fumbling fingers he tries to unbutton the shirt. Sweat pours over his face and his lips move trembling. The real pain hits him then. Its white hot sear is terrible. He rips frantically at the red seeping cloth — buttons fly — the shirt opens… He sees the wound from which his entrails now bulge, a wound that now sluggishly disgorges long grotesque ropes of mangled gut, of yellow dismembered quivering glands, of blue ruptured spurting arteries, of red severed nerve jumping muscles — a hanging mutilated mass of brown leaking intestine that dangles and splashes to the ground…..

Don’t Go

Private Roberts begins shaking his head in unbelieving protest. He mumbles, “No… No… Oh, God… No…” Swaying, crying, still moving his head in denial he clumsily grasps the mangled mess of maimed entrails and begins to stuff them back into himself. For a few seconds he plays the hopeless game. His legs begin to shake violently, to jump uncontrollably. They buckle….

Don’t Go

Still striving to hold his intestines within himself, Private Roberts slowly sinks to his knees. He kneels there, and his blood bleeds a clear crimson stain. He understands then the futility — dimly understands his death, as head bowed, he watches his weakened hands fall away and the bulging intestines emerge, go floating out like bright hued tentacles reaching across the void….

Don’t Go

Private Roberts’ face contorts with the last flashing emotions of his quick young life. No glory, no thoughts of country, no audience, no movie-soldier brave clenched-cigarette wisecracking death, no patriotic slogans in his fading mind. He sobs his last now, nods in final acceptance and as thousands and thousands of dying boy soldiers before him, he piteously asks for that woman who bore him and who eased each childhood pain — quietly softly he whispers, “Mom… Mother… I…” And upon the sunlit surface of a far distant native land only a red smear remains… Nineteen years of clean young promise gone. Shot to hell….

Download Don’t Go video presentation

© 2003 Zendik Arts

O Lord our God,

help us tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells;

help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead;

help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain;

help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire;

help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief;

help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended in the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames in summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it. 

For our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimmage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, strain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! 

We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts.



Don’t Go is a moving and graphic anti-war tale written during the Vietnam war by Wulf Zendik.When it was first released, it was published in newspaper form by both the Los Angeles Free Press and the London International Times. It was also published as a booklet, which was distributed nationally by Doubleday Press. In New York City, radio stations played readings of it over the air on Moratorium Day, with the Doors’ “The End” behind it.

Don’t Go has been translated into 5 languages and has won several international awards. Revel and Kyro have now animated this classic, rendering its message with even more immediacy and power.


Click here to watch DON’T GO (Real Player. Runtime 10 mins)

“As Americans go to the polls in two months, they should have one thought fixed in their minds: they will be voting on whether to commit the nation to fighting World War III against large segments of the world’s one billion Muslims. Beyond the cost in blood and treasure, this war will mean the end of the United States as a democratic Republic.”

The author of these words draws on the central message of a speech by the figurehead of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), George W. Bush, before the assembled leaders of that would-be empire’s legions, in which he makes clear that the US offensive against terror must not merely continue but needs to accelerate and expand in order not only to defeat the stateless “terrorists” of al-Qaeda and the stuborn Iraqi “insurgents” but also Hezbollah (ignoring that movement’s legitimacy as part of the elected Lebanese government and its broad popularity since the Israeli invasion) and other leading Islamic political entities who enjoy massive support throughout the Islamic (and, increasingly, the Christian and secular) world.

“As we continue to fight al-Qaeda and these Sunni extremists inspired by their radical ideology, we also face the threat posed by Shia extremists, who are learning from al-Qaeda and increasing their assertiveness and stepping up their threats…

“This Shia strain of Islamic radicalism is just as dangerous, and just as hostile to America, and just as determined to establish its brand of hegemony across the broader Middle East… And the Shia extremists have achieved something that al-Qaeda has so far failed to do: in 1979, they took control of a major power, the nation of Iran, subjugating its proud people to a regime of tyranny, and using that nation’s resources to fund the spread of terror and pursue their radical agenda.”

Nerve-ends at the back of my neck tingle; tormented ghosts shrink in horror from the amber glare of his words; I see the phantoms of dead children, I smell their poor, putrid flesh; I recall speeches delivered by his cold voice in the lead-up to the “liberation” of Iraq .

He calls Hezbollah’s leader “that terrorist Nasrallah”; a man who is, according to an Egyptian poll conducted last month, the most respected leader in the Middle East.

He has declared war, has opened the floodgates of destruction, which will not be closed before they are stained with innocent blood.

It’s a war he — America — can’t win, a war based on lies and disinformation, a war of colonialism, of greed, of business, of oil.

This is not a man; this is not a president: he is the puppet of a cabal of power-hungry, right-wing, Christian-fundamentalist crazies who have existed since 1991 in the dark corners of the Pentagon but who are now at the very heart of the Bush administration.

I am a Brit, but I fear for the future of America because that great nation’s future is the world’s future.

Don’t destroy it; a Republican vote in November will be a vote for WWIII.

Some of my American friends, however, ask what are the alternatives? And with good reason:

“Well, who the heck are we supposed to vote for, huh??? Most of the democrats are big supporters of the war. The “war party” is made up of democrats and republicans!!! Pretty hard to vote the war party out of office.”

“OMG! I just heard it! The American people will decide upon WWIII in THE POLLS? In THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM?

Well, I have some bad news. The American electoral system is a soda vending machine. Press any combination of buttons and you will still get a soda.

To suggest that the democratic party represents an ideoligical or real alternative to the republicans is SIMPLE FANTASY. Just look at the roster of pro-war democrats, the do-nothing democrats and the few who were brave enough to stand for an original position. NO EFFECT FROM ANY QUARTER.

If November elections are the great hope, abandon hope, all ye who are too weak and pitiful to do anything concrete and substantive.

All other true American patriots, get ready. Get ready to take action. It’s coming.”

“Americans will fall into a new trap. Bush will stage a farse terror alert or attack like 9/11 in order to push his agenda and force the American people to “vote” for his demonic plan. A new Hitler has been born and he will ‘burn’ the elections using his caval.”
Gamal Akabani

There is only one real issue for American voters this Fall: ending the US wars.

Click here for a list of candidates who are actively opposed to US aggression, and think on — the world project for peace is in your hands.

Click here to download an article by Robert Parry, which offers a full analysis of the Bush sept 5 speech.

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