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U.K. media: no such thing as white terrorism

Police raids on two houses in Burnley on 28 September uncovered a rocket launcher and the largest quantity of chemical explosives ever found in any police operation in the UK.

Yesterday, a man was charged, not under the Terrorism Act but under the Explosive Substances Act 1883. What did they think he was going to do with them? Make fireworks?

Here’s another weird thing about the case: one would have thought that the seizure of “the largest quantity of chemical explosives ever” would have merited mega publicity. It has not. I have been unable to find any significant main-stream, national media coverage of these events. How can this be? I’ll tell you.

The simple fact of the matter is that the two men arrested and charged are not Muslim “terrorists” but supporters of the Nazi British National Party (BNP); indeed, one of them, 49 year old Robert Cottage, stood as a BNP candidate in the last local elections.

Is the Home Office planning triumphant press conferences as I write? Will Home Secretary John Reid vociferously condemn these “Anglofascist fanatics” any time soon? Will white people become the targets of stop and search and additional security checks at subway stations and airports?

Yeah, right.


“God gave the savior to the German people. We have faith, deep and unshakeable faith, that he was sent to us by God to save Germany”: Hermann Goering, speaking of Hitler

“Why is this man in the White House? The majority of Americans did not vote for him. Why is he there? And I tell you this morning that he’s in the White House because God put him there for a time such as this”: Lt Gen William Boykin, speaking of G. W. Bush, New York Times, 17 October 2003

“A tyrant must put on the appearance of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him, believing that he has the gods on his side”: Aristotle

“If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier – just so long as I’m the dictator”: George W. Bush, 18 December 2000

“International law? I better call my lawyer; he didn’t bring that up to me”: George W. Bush, 12 December 2003

Israel’s and America’s tactics in the Phony War On Terror:




These are exactly the same tactics the Nazis used in WW2. They lost.

Click here to read The Axis of Powers by Joel Fischer in ICH

“In all-too-real worlds beyond our reach, everything tends toward permanency. Whatever the discussion may be, whatever issues may seem to be gripping Washington or the nation, whatever you’re watching on TV or reading in the papers, elsewhere the continual constructing, enlarging, expanding, entrenching of a new global system of imprisonment, which bears no relation to any system of imprisonment Americans have previously imagined, continues non-stop, unchecked and unbalanced by Congress or the courts, unaffected by the Republic, but very distinctly under the flag ‘for which it stands.'”

In August the Imperialist Bush neo-con administration and its associated “big 5” media corporations proudly proclaimed that Abu Ghraib prison had been emptied of detainees and was to be turned over to the “Iraqi government”.

Well, it’s one thing to close a prison but quite another to release its inmates. So, what happened to them?

Have you heard of Camp Bucca? What about Camp Cropper?

Perhaps you have heard of the latter: it started off as a “temporary facility”, a “bunch of tents” appended to the US base adjoining Baghdad International Airport (which, incidentally is now one of the many “enduring camps” that have, since 2004, become fair-sized American towns, complete with Pizza Huts, Burger Kings and mini-golf courses) and is now a 60 million dollar state of the art prison.

The emptying of Abu Ghraib may have made big news; the filling of Camp Cropper, however, didn’t get a mention.

So, what about the other one, Camp Bucca? You can’t read about that anywhere, says Tom Engelhardt and, what is more:

“While arguments spin endlessly here at home about the nature of withdrawal ‘timetables,’ and who’s cutting and running from what, and how many troops we will or won’t have in-country in 2007, 2008, or 2009, on the ground a process continues that makes a mockery of the debate in Washington and in the country. While the ‘reconstruction’ of Iraq has come to look ever more like the deconstruction of Iraq, the construction of an ever more permanent-looking American landscape in that country has proceeded apace and with reasonable efficiency.”

Currently the Bush administration, in the name of the American people and financed by their tax dollars — and, due to the complicity of our “leaders”, in the name of the people and courtesy of the tax Sterling of the UK — is holding 14000 prisoners in Iraq; possibly more that 500 in Afghanistan; and nearly 500 in Guantanamo. Most of these individuals are beyond the jurisdiction of any system of justice.

And if all of the camps that we know about are shut down none of those prisoners is going anywhere closer to justice soon, because a globally outsourced penal system has been created to absorb them.

If you don’t take the time to read Tom Engelhardt’s article you deserve what may be coming.

In response to that statement some may say that knowing the facts doesn’t eradicate the problem. I reply in this fashion:

To win a war you must first know your enemies.

Click here to take that essential first step on the road to victory.

“A very rude remark”

The Bush War Party apparently picked up a few tips from watching Mafia movies: it seems that Pakistan was strong-armed into co-operating with America’s war on Afghanistan, according to today’s Telegraph.

“President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan said that after the September 11 attacks the US threatened to bomb his country if it did not co-operate with America’s war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

“Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age”, was the gist of the ultimatum, allegedly delivered to Pakistan’s President Perves Musharraf by deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage.

It proved to be an offer Musharraf couldn’t refuse; shortly afterwards US fighter jets were using Pakistani airspace in their offensive against the Afghan militia, who were allegedly protecting Bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

Perhaps tomorrow the Telegraph will tell us something we didn’t know.

Yeah, right.

In December 2003, after a row with his wife, Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen of Lebanese descent, took a tour bus from Ulm in southern Germany to Macedonia. At the border crossing his name was flagged by a police computer: it was identical to that of one of the 9/11 hijackers. He was removed from the coach and handed over to three US intelligence agents.

He was held in a hotel in Skopje for several weeks before being flown to Kabul and put in prison for five months. He was then flown back to Europe in May 2004, dumped in a remote forest area between Albania, Serbia and Macedonia, without money or papers, and told to “walk in that direction and don’t look back”.

Documents provided by Eurocontrol showed the plane transferring him from Macedonia to Afghanistan flew from Algeria to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on January 22; from Palma de Mallorca to Skopje, Macedonia, on January 23, and from Skopje to Kabul via Baghdad overnight on January 24.

Binyam Mohamed sought political asylum in Britain in 1994 and was given leave to remain while his case was dealt with. He remained in Britain for 7 years during which time two sets of lawyers were dismissed from his case for failing to pursue his claims in a timely manner.

He developed a drug habit, which he only managed to overcome when he rediscovered his religious faith. He decided to leave Britain to escape London’s drug scene and to learn more about his religion in Afghanistan.

When the war started, he decided to leave the region but his travel documents had been stolen and he couldn’t get to the British Embassy, as it was surrounded by Pakistanis keen to abduct ‘foreigners’ for whom the Americans were offering bounty payments.

A British friend agreed to lend him a passport so he could get back to Britain, but he was arrested at the airport by a Pakistani immigration unit who turned him over to the FBI. He asked what crime he had committed, and insisted on having a lawyer if he was going to be interrogated. The FBI told him, ‘The rules have changed. You don’t get a lawyer.’

On 21st July 2002 Binyam was transferred to Morocco in a CIA plane, where he was held for 18 months. When he refused to confess to being an Al-Qaida agent, he was tortured:

‘One of them took my penis in his hand and began to make cuts. He did it once, and they stood still for maybe a minute, watching my reaction. I was in agony, crying, trying desperately to suppress myself, but I was screaming… They must have done this 20 to 30 times, in maybe two hours. There was blood all over.’

In January 2004 he was transferred to the “Dark Prison” in Kabul, then to Bagram Airforce base, and finally on to Guantanamo Bay in September 2004, where he remains.

These stories form the core of a must-see documentary video about rendition and torture, which you can see by clicking here.

Satanic Purses

R.T. Naylor is a McGill economics professor who, for his book, Satanic Purses: Money, Myth and Misinformation in the War on Terror, relentlessly followed the trail of the so-called “terror dollar”, concluding that governments are wasting their time and resources trying to track down funds that don’t exist.

On the CBS radio show “The Current”, Sept 12, he spoke to Anna Maria Tramonti. It’s a must-listen.

Click here to listen. Real audio

Be one of the good guys…

Installation of a network of secret Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras has been completed this month throughout Scotland.

And Alan Burnett, overseer of the project for the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland, has revealed on-going plans to expand the system to local authority CCTV networks.

“We understand some people are worried about this being Big Brother,” he said, “but the general public shouldn’t worry. There are checks and balances regulating the intelligence on the system.”

Proponents of the network, such as Margaret Mitchell, the Scottish Tories’ justice spokeswoman, say the government needs to deploy “whatever resourses are available” to tackle terrorism.

I’d like to know the nature and extent of those “checks and balances”, Mr Burnett.

“It is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”- Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

‘Big Brother’ concerns as secret system of cameras is rolled out

Naked Airlines

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