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I’ve been damned by some as an unbeliever, an anti-christ. It pleases me, therefore, and reinforces my self esteem, to know that to others I’m the cool atheist across the street.

My youngest daughter calls me daddy and my mother insists that I was brought up a good catholic kid and on the right track.

So I drink a lot of whisky. So did my grandfather. Who doesn’t? It’s a family thing. At the age of fifteen I was a good father to three kids, and I always went to confession.

Now, suddenly, I’m an apostate Jew. I wake up one morning and that’s it.

Corner shop proprietor Anita Devi — I knew her father, he was like a Rabbi to me, although he was an apostate Sikh — told local reporters: ‘I’m sorting the papers for the delivery wallahs, you know, like it’s 5am, and in walks Dustin Hoffman. “It’s not safe,” he says, “but I’m a very good driver, Mrs Robinson.” I ask you, do I look like a Nazi dentist?’

No comment, no jazz.

However, Kafka told me this sort of thing was a possibility and, hey, Anita, he gave me a couple of other clues too: like, until this beard grew overnight I was Al Pacino a la Godfather 2, like an old dead uncle always insisted I should be. And Bukowski told me once that when I realised I’d failed as a writer I could maybe scratch a living as an Ernesto Guevara lookalike. Now I’m a 55 year old Ratso Rizzo.

Life’s a bitch. Forget about it. Just learn the lesson: never judge a close relative by his cover.

On 21 February 1965, Black Nationalist leader Malcolm X was assassinated.

The following is a short film by Liam Donovon featuring a recording of The Ballot or the Bullet speech, set to music by the film’s director.Malcolm X was born in Omaha in 1925 as Malcolm Little. His father, a Baptist minister, was an outspoken follower of Marcus Garvey, the Black Nationalist leader of the 1920s.

The family moved to Lansing, Michigan, and when Malcolm was six years old his father was murdered after receiving death threats from the Ku Klux Klan. Malcolm’s mother suffered a nervous breakdown and he and his eight siblings were taken into care by the welfare department.

He was sent first to a foster home and then to a reform school. After the eighth grade, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked at various jobs, eventually becoming involved in criminal activity. In 1946 he received a prison sentence for burglary.

Inside he became interested in the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Black Muslims, also known as The Nation of Islam. He subsequently spent his time in prison educating himself and learning more about the Black Muslims, who advocated racial separation.

On his release in 1952, he joined a Black Muslim temple in Detroit and changed his surname from Little to X, symbolically replacing the name derived from the heritage of slavery to represent the unknown name of his African ancestors.

By the early 1960s, the Nation of Islam had become well known and Malcolm was their most prominent spokesperson. In 1963, however, he was suspended from the organisation for his remark that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was like “the chickens coming home to roost”. In the following year, he broke with the Nation of Islam altogether and formed a secular black nationalist group, the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU).

In 1964 Malcolm made a hajj (pilgrimage) to the Islamic holy city of Mecca. As a result of this trip and other travels to Africa and Europe he adopted the Arabic name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz and renounced his previous teaching that all whites are evil. 

He was assassinated by three Black Muslim members while addressing an OAAU rally in New York. 

“I have a dream” video clip

This is the entire address. It lasts about 17 minutes. What else do you need to do that can’t wait?

If you can’t remember it or if you’ve never experienced it or if you think it’s got nothing to do with your life —


Just do it.

“Kramer” loses it at Laugh Factory — video clip

“The rage did go all over the place. It went to everybody. I’m deeply sorry. I’m not a racist.” — Michael Richards.

Oh yeah?

U.K. media: no such thing as white terrorism

Police raids on two houses in Burnley on 28 September uncovered a rocket launcher and the largest quantity of chemical explosives ever found in any police operation in the UK.

Yesterday, a man was charged, not under the Terrorism Act but under the Explosive Substances Act 1883. What did they think he was going to do with them? Make fireworks?

Here’s another weird thing about the case: one would have thought that the seizure of “the largest quantity of chemical explosives ever” would have merited mega publicity. It has not. I have been unable to find any significant main-stream, national media coverage of these events. How can this be? I’ll tell you.

The simple fact of the matter is that the two men arrested and charged are not Muslim “terrorists” but supporters of the Nazi British National Party (BNP); indeed, one of them, 49 year old Robert Cottage, stood as a BNP candidate in the last local elections.

Is the Home Office planning triumphant press conferences as I write? Will Home Secretary John Reid vociferously condemn these “Anglofascist fanatics” any time soon? Will white people become the targets of stop and search and additional security checks at subway stations and airports?

Yeah, right.


Should drama/film be representational of life “as we wish it to be”, or should it provoke and challenge by asking difficult and uncomfortable questions about life “as it really is”.

A new BBC film certainly looks set to provoke and challenge in the latter sense with a controversial portrayal of black people.

Shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in New york, where it won writer, Sharon Foster, the Dennis Potter screenwriting award, it has its first UK screening on the 22nd and 23rd August at the Edinburgh Film Festival and is due to be shown on BBC2 at the end on the month.

Originally entitled F**k Black People, it tells the story of Joe, who, with his career in tatters and his life at a crossroads, comes to the conclusion that all of his problems are due to black people–his own people.

The Festival’s review describes it as “funny, provocative and frequently scathing”.

Toyin Agbetu of black media-watch group Ligali says:

“It’s going to be the flagship programme for racism. If you’re a racist and you want something to beat black people over the head with, here comes Shoot the Messenger. It’s the BNP’s calling card.”

As I haven’t seen it yet I couldn’t possibly comment, although my instinctive reaction to Mr Agbetu’s statement is that he is misguided.

Its eventual title, Shoot the Messenger, screams the film’s ironic standpoint from the rooftops for one thing; also its writer, director and cast are black: hardly the type of production that a racist will want to see, let alone use as a club with which to attack the very community from which it spawns.

In an (unsuccessful, to my mind) attempt to illustrate his point Agbetu offers the following twist on the concept:

F**k white people.

Whenever I think about it, everything bad that has ever happened to me has involved a ‘white’ person.

White people are rapists. Six in ten men have confessed that they would rape if they could get away with it.

White people make up 95% of the world’s serial killers.

White people continue to murder young African people simply because they are African.

White police continue to kill and abuse African people in custody… and get away with it.

White people run paedophile rings some of which have formed ‘aid’ organisations that work in Africa and Asia where they bribe the children with food for sex.

White people are terrorists who freely kill and maim people they don’t like… and they get away with it.

White people continue to exploit Africa, her resources and her people through corporate and politically enabled theft masquerading as ‘investment’ and ‘aid’.

White people have a serious problem with a rampant drink, drug and hooligan culture that afflicts many of their young people.

White people enjoyed and revelled in the physical and mental abuse of African people for centuries as they enslaved millions of African people for the economic gain of their respective nations. They consequently refuse to talk about this era of history let alone apologise and reparate for it.

White people kill fellow white people all the time in ‘white on white’ crime.

White people are uneducated and learn about politics by simply regurgitating tabloid headlines to each other.

White people are obsessed with the culture of ‘others’ because their own is so stagnant.

White people have an identity crisis that sees them seeking bigger lips, fuller bums, larger breasts, darker skin and they achieve these by self imposed mutilation processes

White people are fake. Their attempts to have informed discourse on immigration, human rights and political correctness masks their raging and ingrained racism!

White people should stop talking about world war one, world war two, the battle of the Somme, D-Day, Armistice Day, the Holocaust and the apparent ‘achievements’ of their Empire… it’s boring. Get over it.

Finally, white people are intolerant, ignorant, irrational and idiotic.

Now, if, as a white person, you found this “nauseating repetition of negativity” (Mr Agbetu’s words) offensive I respectfully suggest that you are paranoid, insecure and probably a closet racist.

Get over it.

Links: Guardian, MediaWatch (Ligali), Edinburgh Film Festival 

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