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‘Nigger’ — there, I said it…

O.K. So you’ve watched the Kramer thing. Lots of people have.  It’s not the word, is it, you know, the ‘N’ word, that really pisses people off, is it?

It’s only a f**king word, man.

Black people use it all the time. To each other. Sometimes with affection.

No, that’s not what did it. Because words are beautiful and black people are beautiful and a word never harmed anyone.

No, it was the attitude and the context and the timing and the (lack of) talent.

Now, Lenny Bruce used the ‘N’ word a lot. He also used the ‘K’ word, the ‘M’ word, the ‘S’ word and ‘G’ knows how many others.


Satanic Purses

R.T. Naylor is a McGill economics professor who, for his book, Satanic Purses: Money, Myth and Misinformation in the War on Terror, relentlessly followed the trail of the so-called “terror dollar”, concluding that governments are wasting their time and resources trying to track down funds that don’t exist.

On the CBS radio show “The Current”, Sept 12, he spoke to Anna Maria Tramonti. It’s a must-listen.

Click here to listen. Real audio

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