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Call me a sceptic but…

“LONDON (Reuters) — The government is likely to announce an easing of air travel rules next week after security was tightened last month in the wake of what police said was a foiled plot to bomb airliners.”

“What police said”? Who believes what the police said? Who cares?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I don’t really get this.

You see my point: if it was so important, in the light of “intelligence”, to impose those rules last month, what’s happened since then to make [the authorities] think that the restrictions are no longer necessary (apart from the fact that they have half the Muslim population of the UK under surveillance)?

It almost seems that they don’t want us to believe that there really was a high grade terror alert; or at any rate they want us to forget it.  

Did we believe it in the first place?

Well, look, get real — Did you? Do you know anyone with half a brain who did?

Not I, my friends, not I.

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Naked Airlines

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