So, it seems the death of Australian naturalist and television personality Steve Irwin, on the barb of one misguided stingray, may have resulted in a pogrom of “revenge” attacks. Ten of the animals have been discovered “mutilated” — two on a beach north of Brisbane and eight at another undisclosed location.

Whilst a spokesperson for the state fisheries department could not confirm that the killings are connected to Mr Irwin’s death, government officials said the authorities are investigating and prosecutions may follow, adding that the vast majority of stingrays are moderate, hardworking, peace-loving Australians who should not be persecuted because of the actions of one individual.

“Stingrays only sting in defence, they’re not aggressive animals so the animal must have felt threatened. It didn’t sting out of aggression, it stung out of fear,” they said.

However, stingray community leaders have warned that the attacks could seriously harm the already strained relationship between stingrays and the surfing fraternity, and that some younger members of the stingray population may be recruited and radicalised by aquatic terrorist organisations.

Yeah, I know… Sorry, I coudn’t resist it.

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