“As Americans go to the polls in two months, they should have one thought fixed in their minds: they will be voting on whether to commit the nation to fighting World War III against large segments of the world’s one billion Muslims. Beyond the cost in blood and treasure, this war will mean the end of the United States as a democratic Republic.”

The author of these words draws on the central message of a speech by the figurehead of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), George W. Bush, before the assembled leaders of that would-be empire’s legions, in which he makes clear that the US offensive against terror must not merely continue but needs to accelerate and expand in order not only to defeat the stateless “terrorists” of al-Qaeda and the stuborn Iraqi “insurgents” but also Hezbollah (ignoring that movement’s legitimacy as part of the elected Lebanese government and its broad popularity since the Israeli invasion) and other leading Islamic political entities who enjoy massive support throughout the Islamic (and, increasingly, the Christian and secular) world.

“As we continue to fight al-Qaeda and these Sunni extremists inspired by their radical ideology, we also face the threat posed by Shia extremists, who are learning from al-Qaeda and increasing their assertiveness and stepping up their threats…

“This Shia strain of Islamic radicalism is just as dangerous, and just as hostile to America, and just as determined to establish its brand of hegemony across the broader Middle East… And the Shia extremists have achieved something that al-Qaeda has so far failed to do: in 1979, they took control of a major power, the nation of Iran, subjugating its proud people to a regime of tyranny, and using that nation’s resources to fund the spread of terror and pursue their radical agenda.”

Nerve-ends at the back of my neck tingle; tormented ghosts shrink in horror from the amber glare of his words; I see the phantoms of dead children, I smell their poor, putrid flesh; I recall speeches delivered by his cold voice in the lead-up to the “liberation” of Iraq .

He calls Hezbollah’s leader “that terrorist Nasrallah”; a man who is, according to an Egyptian poll conducted last month, the most respected leader in the Middle East.

He has declared war, has opened the floodgates of destruction, which will not be closed before they are stained with innocent blood.

It’s a war he — America — can’t win, a war based on lies and disinformation, a war of colonialism, of greed, of business, of oil.

This is not a man; this is not a president: he is the puppet of a cabal of power-hungry, right-wing, Christian-fundamentalist crazies who have existed since 1991 in the dark corners of the Pentagon but who are now at the very heart of the Bush administration.

I am a Brit, but I fear for the future of America because that great nation’s future is the world’s future.

Don’t destroy it; a Republican vote in November will be a vote for WWIII.

Some of my American friends, however, ask what are the alternatives? And with good reason:

“Well, who the heck are we supposed to vote for, huh??? Most of the democrats are big supporters of the war. The “war party” is made up of democrats and republicans!!! Pretty hard to vote the war party out of office.”

“OMG! I just heard it! The American people will decide upon WWIII in THE POLLS? In THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM?

Well, I have some bad news. The American electoral system is a soda vending machine. Press any combination of buttons and you will still get a soda.

To suggest that the democratic party represents an ideoligical or real alternative to the republicans is SIMPLE FANTASY. Just look at the roster of pro-war democrats, the do-nothing democrats and the few who were brave enough to stand for an original position. NO EFFECT FROM ANY QUARTER.

If November elections are the great hope, abandon hope, all ye who are too weak and pitiful to do anything concrete and substantive.

All other true American patriots, get ready. Get ready to take action. It’s coming.”

“Americans will fall into a new trap. Bush will stage a farse terror alert or attack like 9/11 in order to push his agenda and force the American people to “vote” for his demonic plan. A new Hitler has been born and he will ‘burn’ the elections using his caval.”
Gamal Akabani

There is only one real issue for American voters this Fall: ending the US wars.

Click here for a list of candidates who are actively opposed to US aggression, and think on — the world project for peace is in your hands.

Click here to download an article by Robert Parry, which offers a full analysis of the Bush sept 5 speech.