When reports of Israel’s blatant violation of the ceasefire on Saturday surfaced, the IDF tried to legitimise the action by claiming its purpose was to intercept weapons shipments from Syria.

No weapons were captured and no evidence was offered that any such shipments existed.

According to local eyewitness reports, Israeli special forces commandos disguised in Lebanese uniforms attempted to pass through Hezbollah checkpoints on the road to Baalbeck.

Their mission?

To kidnap Hezbollah leader Sheik Mohammed Yazbeck.

“The Israelis…flubbed a traditional Arab greeting…They were waved on to the next checkpoint, where Hezbollah fighters ambushed them, sending them fleeing…”

“When the Israelis came, everybody fought them…”

“All–not only Hezbollah–fought. All the people in the village brought their guns to fight. Fifteen year-old boys brought guns.”

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