I was browsing the online version of the Scotsman newspaper the other day and came across the headline:

Three jailed after birthday party ends in frenzied cleaver attack

I read the report, which concerned Stephen O’Donnell, a young man in his late teens who, having been dumped by his girlfriend, becomes depressed and is subsequently prescribed prozac.

One evening in January, our young friend, presumably high on the “happy pills”, discovers that the young lady in question is at a party hosted by another young man, Stephen Shaw, whom he suspects is the reason for the breakdown of the relationship.

Anyway, the upshot is that the first Stephen and two friends arm themselves with a meat cleaver, knives and a set of numchucks–a martial arts weapon with a chain linking two wooden batons–and gatecrash the party.

The second Stephen’s right arm is almost hacked off and he is stabbed multiple times in the stomach; his heart stops three times as medics try to save his life during an all-night operation and he requires 30 pints of blood.

Stephen O’Donnell ends up in court where he blames his actions on the prozac.

The trio are sentenced to a combined 19 years.

Not a remarkable story, really; this kind of thing happens in Glasgow most weekends.

However, I happened to glance through the comments section and discovered this, from Carol of Stirling:

Surely it’s time sentences became relevant to the severity of the crime, in this case these guys deserve to be locked up permanently – premedicated attempted murder – they planned it, tooled up and did not succeed only through chance certainly not through self restraint

Beautiful, Carol, absolutely priceless.