Apparently, according to Reuters, studies have shown that the area of the human brain associated with navigation is larger in London Hackney cab drivers than it is in lesser mortals.

No surprise then that the gentlemen (and ladies, these days) in question have in overwhelming majority rejected satnav technology, which they have been allowed to install in their cabs since earlier this year.

To become a London cabbie is no easy task.

To pass The Knowledge candidates must memorise 320 standard routes, every street within a 6 mile radius of Charing Cross, locations of theatres, public buildings, hotels, clubs etc, as well as being able to talk the ears off and bore to death captive passengers on every subject under the sun that is of absolutely no interest whatsoever to anyone.

Or, as it is more elegantly put in this article, they are…

“required to memorise the shortest route between any two points in the capital and then add a 5 mile detour to it ‘cos there’s a right roadworks palaver up the Edgware Road, mate'”.