So today Israeli vice premier and advocate of murder Shimon Peres is smug; the UN resolution, unanimously adopted Friday, “vindicates Israel all the way through and says that Hezbollah was the aggressor and that they need to return the abducted soldiers”.

I have the impression of a guy in a bar talking about the result of a ballgame.

“We achieved all we could from the UN,” he adds, like a real- estate salesman celebrating a top drawer deal.

The Israeli cabinet is expected to express support for the resolution when it meets Sunday.

In the meantime Israeli forces have stepped up operations in Lebanon.

At least 1,184 people, 90% of them civilians, have died in the month-long conflict; more than a million are homeless.

If Peres gets his soldiers back will he resurrect the dead?

It’s not over yet, folks, on the contrary…

It’s only just begun.

Hizbollah’s iron discipline is match for military machine, by Robert Fisk (ICH)