As Israeli bombs and Hezbollah rockets continue their destruction on a daily basis in Lebanon and northern Israel, the conflict seems increasingly aimless.

So far perhaps 50 Hezbollah fighters have been killed by the bombing; and upwards of 600 civilians.

The thousands of Hezbollah rockets that have made contact with Israeli soil have failed to kill a single soldier.

The Israeli airforce has destroyed thousands of homes, flattened bridges, torn up roads, smashed milk bottling plants, gas stations, fuel depots and airport runways.

What has been achieved by all this horror?

The answer might be indicated by another, more chilling question: how many suicide bombers can you create out of one mutilated baby?

Robert Fisk, in the Independent, asks:

“Does the United States any longer believe Israel’s claims that it will destroy Hizbollah when its army clearly cannot do anything of the kind? Does Washington not realise that when Israel grows tired of this war, it will plead for a ceasefire – which only Washington can deliver by doing what it most loathes to do: by taking the road to Damascus and asking for help from President Bashar al-Assad of Syria?”

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