I guess it would be me.

At the beginning of 2005 I was just getting my life back together after a long period of clinical depression had threatened to destroy it completely.

I was working, supporting my family, writing again after a barren four years, things were looking good.

Then a disease called avascular necrosis attacked and obliterated the top of my femur.

Over a month or two walking became more and more difficult until, by mid August, I was unable to get around at all without crutches and a great deal of pain; my depression returned and I thought I was finished.

In December I consulted a brilliant surgeon called Peter James at Nottingham City Hospital, who told me that my hip and femur had collapsed and the only chance of a satisfactory prognosis lay in surgery.

He replaced my hip and the top of my thigh in March of this year and now I have 100% mobility and no pain.

I’m happy and thankful and starting to rebuild my life’s infrastructure, although there is always this dread in the back of my mind that another invasion may be around the corner.