It’s been a few days since last I posted.

Arrived in Cyprus Sunday and it’s taken a few days to find a decent net facility; there is a portal at the hotel where I’m staying but it’s cluncky and slow and incredibly expensive to use: you get about 6 mins for 50 cents.

Anyway found this internet cafe today where they charge about 1 Cyprus pound an hour so I’ll be posting from here on a fairly regular basis.

Staying in the north west tip of the Island about an hour’s drive from Paphos between two small towns called Polis and Latchi.

It’s pretty rural and unspoiled here with just enough tourists to keep the Cypriots happy income-wise.

Although I’ve ony been here 3 days now there’s a lot to write about.

Went to Limasol yesterday where a couple of hundered of european nationals landed after being evacuated from Lebanon; I’ll be writing something about that.

On a lighter note I’ve come across a few ex-pats around here with some interesting stories.

More about all of it soon.

It’s white hot right now, as it seems to be in the rest of the world at the moment, but at least here they’re geared up for it with air-con etc.