My 6 year old daughter thinks David Beckham is the best thing since ice cream.

She may be right or, more likely, wrong, and here is the crux: by what method should we separate truth from fiction? Where does belief end and fact begin? Indeed, should we separate them at all?

I suggest that we do not draw a line, but rather create a space, a region of close approach, if you will, in the middle ground of which fact and fiction merge.

For example, if I told you that there is a “Christian” cult spreading an unusual message in the gang controlled streets of certain Nottingham housing estates, which comes down to: if you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t turn the other cheek in the face of evil, you should KILL A GANGSTER FOR GOD; and if, like me, you’re an atheist you should kill one anyway, for the good of your children, would you believe me?

The theory goes as follows.

If individuals take it upon themselves to assassinate a gangster until there are none left, then, by percentage, a small number of “good” individuals would be sacrificed to the consequences of murder – criminal charges, incarceration – for the greater good; that being the total eradication of gangsterism and its associated miseries.

Single issue Cristianity?

Fact or belief?

Total fantasy?