This follows up another post in another of my blogs, only I’m not making it clickable so if you want to read it first, call Agatha.

Go ahead, you know what to do.

That’s a telling piece of linguistics isn’t it?

Think about the phrase: “You know what to do”.

Do you?

You live in a liberal-leftist sort of society and things are, you know, quite cool.

At least, for forty or fifty or so years you’ve been propagandised to feel that they should be.

Then, with seeming suddenness, another bogey-man raises his hand, starts bombing and killing, politicising and radicalising young Muslim men and, generally, making life feel less safe than they told you it should be.

After all, they fought wars so you could be free from this threat.

People died, man, good Americans, and British folk, some French, and a few million Jews. 

This new threat is hard to categorise: “We got rid of the fascists” (some would say), “We dealt with the communist menace” (was it ever there?)!

So, do you know what to do?

Yeah, sure, you know what to do, man.

Wait a minute; I feel a certain circularity coming on.

So, what am I talking about?

I begin to wonder.

Everyone seems to be worried about religion taking over politics and fundamentalists being in control of (our?) oil, when really what we ought to be more concerned about is eradicating the influence of religion (and I’m not talking Islam here) on politics and decreasing our dependency on oil.

Perhaps we should be more concerned with what’s going to happen when our water runs out, when we can’t grow things anymore…

What will we do, drink petrol?

Smoke diesel?

Call Agatha…

Go on, just call her, man…