I've always liked the Dutch, you know, their common sense attitude towards drugs and sex etc.

But get this: registered smack-heads (Heroin addicts) will soon be earning money.

What for?

For being smack-heads, that's what for.

New participants in the Heroin dispensation project (yeah, they already get the drugs free) will earn up to 56 Euros per week if they provide urine samples that are negative for cocaine.

A spokesperson for the MDHG, a kind of junkies' union, says that, whilst almost no-one limits themselves to just heroin, and coke is the most important drug to heroin users after heroin itself, "This bribery brings interesting questions".

I can think of a few myself.

For example, is a habit now considered a real job? Will there be benefits like a pension, savings plans, paid holidays? How does the pay scale work – the bigger your habit the higher the wage? Are there overtime opportunities? Prospects for advancement? And what happens if you become unfit for work?

I've always liked the Dutch.