Ex-cop, Stephany Cohen, has been contacted by dead football star Emlyn Hughes, who, it seems, wants her to set up an urgent meeting with Liverpool FC manager Rafa Benitez.

She has emailed the club to let them know but so far they haven't responded (surprise, surprise).

Ms. Cohen, a spirtual healer and professional fruit-cake, was last in the news three years ago with claims that aliens were giving her orgasms.

She said: "My body is like a car and if I let another person (or alien?) control the car then they control the car and the spirit."

Uh, yeah.

While Ms. Cohen still keeps in touch with her extra-terrestrial lovers, her present priority is to meet with Mr. Benitez (lucky guy).

"Emlyn Hughes' spirit would take over my body and then anybody would be able to ask questions," she said.

But it's all preparatory to the arrival of the aliens, who are apparently from Andromeda.

"At the moment we are trying to build up my energy to speak to them."

If all goes well with her energy she reckons humans will be conversing with the "Grays" later this year.

Stephany believes they Grays have been interested in her for many lifetimes, including the one in which she was Joan of Arc.

Slow workers, huh?