So Darren's got his dad's hand gun in a sock and Jamal's favourite MACH-10 is wrapped up lovingly in his girlfriend's best chav-checked accessory. They're both stylishly kitted out in Red Herring boiler suits, hats and gloves. Ryan, the wheel man, sports his new fleece by Hemmingway (maroon with cream trim) and an unassuming pair of Nike trainers.

As they approach Gateway Import and Export Ltd, Wembley, they are ambushed by the Sweeny, all wearing matching bomber jackets by Oxfam and Millets steel toecapped work shoes.

A shocked Jamal drops his machine pistol, which sparks off a couple of rounds, scaring the living shit out of Darren, who promptly tosses his weapon over a fence into the canal and swears he has no idea who he is, who Jamal is or what the hell either of them is doing there.

Jobless Jamal, 28, from Upper Norwood, is sentenced to 10 years; Darren, also 28, of Hamilton Road, West Norwood, gets 11 (something to do with the sock?).

Ryan, the wheel man, 25, of no fixed abode, is nowhere to be found.